Sammakka Saralamma Jathara


Endowment Status of works Name of the work/activity No.s Purpose Estimated Cost (in lakh)
1 Construction works 7 Kalyanakatta, compound walls, closed drainage, snake putta etc. 157.00
2 Repairs of Q lines 1 To control the pilgrim movement inside the temple 17.00
3 Providing waterproof pendals; tents; paints 3 To provide shade for the pilgrims in ‘Q’; tents to all dept.s 76.00
4 Illumination 1 Illuminating the temple premises and other places 60.00
Total 310.00

Endownment Map

Panchayathraj Nature of work Length proposed (in km) Proposed activity/Nature of work Estimated Cost (in lakh)
1 CC Roads (widening & strengthening) 2.35 Link Road; Low lying culvert required re-construction 70.00
2 Construction of internal CC roads 5 Inter connectivity road to main road 232.50
3 Maintenance of PR roads in Jatara premises 15 7.50
4 BT road to Medaram via Kamaram 2.35 Alternate road to Medaram 90.00
Total 400.00