Sammakka Saralamma Jathara


DPO Name of the activity No.s Purpose Estimated Cost (in lakh)
1 Labour 4150 Hiring labour pre, during post Jatara for various works 136.57
2 Supervisory Staff /Men 665 TA & DA : Tiffin & Meals, supervisory staff 29.97
3 Sanitation Material Purchase of Bleaching Powder, Lime , Scented Phenyl (Lt),Gadda Paras ,Plastic Gampas, Supervisory Staff Dress Etc. 57.25
4 Civil Works Repairing of Damp yard, hiring JCB , wetting with water tanks to get dust free 3.80
5 Transports Tractor Rent , Trolleys, Expenditure Other items (U/F Seen 17.68
Total 241.11