+ This Privacy Policy defines how Medaram Jathara - Official collects and uses user's personal and non-personal information and data in our mobile applications (available for smart phones and tablets).

+ in berif this app is build to help or resolve the grievance (for user by officer (Mulugu Dist)) who use this app Medaram Jathara - Official, in brief, this is complain raising app where a common user can regiter the grievance, and the assign officer will reslove the issue , this is version.

+ where user can also post the photos & vedios, and other user can share those img to there socail platform

Personal Data:

+ Medaram Jathara - Official respects your privacy rights and recognizes the importance of protecting any information collected about you.

+ Medaram Jathara - Official do not collect any personal user data. (we track only Mobile number such as: to show the results of the services). We collect Name, Phone Number other Details to readress the issue raised by the user (petitioner) to show you as a functionality of the application.

+ Medaram Jathara - Official uses Google maps services to show the route location.

+ Medaram Jathara - Official is noware not using and disclosing your personal data.

Non-Personal Data:

+ we use images and free images banner to show the application support by.

Permissions we use:


We do not hold any data or user information on our own servers. We won't send any information or data to our servers. it is used to post the missing Images on the application.

As the part of Medaram Jathara - Official missing module images are captures on the phone using mobile front and back cameras on the device. The captured images are stored on the phone's storage and server is involved to share the images in app. The captures images are used with the permission of user, for moudle missing person;

External storage:

Medaram Jathara - Official uses external storage to access the gallery for using the pic for posting in the app to share the information who are on the app,


How to Contact Us

Should you have other questions or concerns about our privacy policy, Please contact us at info@kakatiyasolutions.com.